The Unfiltered Truth About Money

The Unfiltered Truth About Money

By Larry Winget

The average 50-year-old in this country has $2,500 in savings! Very few people know how to handle money. This presentation is an eye-opener. Picture yourself with money problems, and your Dad just sat you down for heart-to-heart talk. That is what Larry is about to do…but he is much more straightforward than your dad would be. If you want to now the truth about money, listen to this program. You are broke because you want to be! It’s actually pretty simple – Spend less and save more! Wishful thinking is NOT a wealth strategy – You need a plan.

Basic Straight Forward Principles about Money:
- You have to “make a decision” to handle your money properly
- What is your motivation to handle money better?
- Write down where you are financially
A) What do you have?
B) What do you owe?
- Establish priorities
- The more service you provide the more money you will have
- What are you able to live without?
Where you spend your time, energy and money is a direct reflection of what’s important to you.

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